• ECOAREQUIPA 2014 FECHA: 15 December 2014

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    PALACIOS COFFEE had the privilege of taking part in the Arequipa International Fair FIA 2014 and being the pioneer by promoting the Culture of Coffee always inclined to quality – specialty through the first COFFEE ROUTE in the history of Arequipa and the southern part of Peru. We are so proud of being the pioneers Leer Mas

  • Happy birthday Peruvian Coffee FECHA: 22 August 2014

    7 years ago the Ministry of Agriculture declared on the fourth Friday of August the Peruvian Coffee Day! PALACIOS COFFEE also celebrates this day along with our Peruvian people in which we commemorate the effort, passion and art of our producers in the VALUE CHAIN OF PERUVIAN COFFEE ALWAYS QUALITY-ORIENTED IN PROCESS – PALACIOS COFFEE, Leer Mas

  • Is coffee so delicate? FECHA: 13 March 2014

    Some good friends came to visit us today; one of them is Fabiola Jaramillo and was wondering: Then, coffee is so delicate? And the final answer after an illustration was: Coffee must be handled carefully from the Plant to the cup. “It was an awesome day, as Leer Mas

  • The culture in a Coffee Bean. FECHA: 12 March 2014

    It’s incredible and awesome when every person who visits the Tostaduría & Cultura Palacios Coffee facility starts a journey on a culture enclosed in a coffee bean. When this is over we always end up with an appealing phrase: I never thought there was so much to learn about coffee. “There’s always something new to Leer Mas