Our History

Palacios Coffee is a specialty coffee roasting company focused on going to different coffee areas in Peru, this way reaching the origin of coffee and being able to work along with the producers in the selection of beans grouping them together in micro batches. Later they are taken to a roasting process to bring about the highest level of specialty.

It looks simple when it comes to roasting and working with producers, but behind every single bag of Palacios coffee there is an interrelated chain of people and hard work, this boosts our commitment to quality, relations with producers and our passion for the product, giving our customers an excellent Concept based on a piece of great history.

Palacios Coffee is born through many blessings that came from trips, experiences with producers, time with good friends and the learning of all the productive chain to the coffee commercialization.

These experiences increased in us a desire to commit ourselves to our producers and our country as well, to be able to offer a product of high quality with culture and history.